What are the Most Popular Dishes at Restaurants and Bars in Scottsdale?

The ever-changing menu at restaurants and bars in Scottsdale focuses on local ingredients and seasonal specialties, providing guests with an exciting and unique dining experience every time. The menu is a true masterclass in refined cooking, with dishes such as roasted eggplant with fermented pineapple sauce, grilled chicken with freshly cut yellow potatoes, shishitos with candied white tuna, Kosho Aioli with Meyer lemon and more. Beverage director Pavle Milic works tirelessly with local wineries and chef Charleen Badman to create the best tasting and pairing experience for guests to enjoy. Citizen Public House offers a varied menu with high-quality gastropub favorites, as well as premium main courses for dinner.

Traditional popcorn with bacon fat is an appetizer you can't stop ordering, or if you want to sit back and enjoy a delicate but vibrant dish, golden scallops with sweet corn grits and a cola gastrique are to die for. The Roaring Fork Kitchen has a wood grill, a wood oven for grilling and an open flame grill that allows each dish to be prepared perfectly. Roka Akor brings a modern touch to classic Japanese robata cuisine. An elegant interior with local design elements mixed with deep wood tones and aerodynamic lighting reflects the clean and tasty kitchen style featured throughout the menu.

Guests are invited to observe and interact with the highly qualified chefs who prepare their meals on the traditional robata grill in this one-of-a-kind dining room. The Roka Akor menu offers contemporary traditional Japanese food preparations designed for sharing, including the highest quality Wagyu beef cuts from all over Japan, exquisite grilled seafood, and delicate but daring sushi preparations. Dominick's Steakhouse offers top quality cuts of meat as its protagonists. Start your meal with fried deviled eggs for a twist on a classic steakhouse, or try something new, such as Thai-inspired braised pork belly, for a sweet and spicy start.

Each cut is responsibly grown, hand-cut by the in-house butcher, and aged for 28 days to ensure maximum decay and superior flavor. Sel also offers a full vegetarian tasting menu that allows diners to enjoy a complete tasting experience of plant-based culinary mastery in Arizona. The House Brasserie's dinner menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by the season. Start your meal with a classic favorite, such as the shrimp cocktail, or try an exclusive dish, such as halibut cheeks with French fries, served with kimchi aioli, beer vinegar and fried pickles.

The Elements menu focuses on seasonal, local and organic products, as well as fresh, sustainable seafood. Its varied menu includes dishes that suit a wide range of dietary preferences, including a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options to ensure that all guests enjoy the same high-quality food. Some highlights on the menu include Chilean sea bass glazed with miso, which is a bright and exciting dish served with coriander rice, avocado, sesame, shiitake mushrooms and bok choy. Fat Ox takes an exclusive and frankly modern approach to Italian cuisine.

The pasta is handmade at home every day, the steaks are cooked to perfection on wood and charcoal, and the selection of artisanal cocktails is absolutely not to be missed. Charleen Badman is a vegetable whisperer at FnB. While this cozy restaurant in the old town doesn't lack protein options such as grilled quails, steak with onion jam and pink grouper; vegetables are the real stars of the show. Locally grown ingredients from Arizona farmers and suppliers take center stage at FnB; from traditional cauliflower to seasonal squash to fresh vegetables - there's something for everyone.