Happy Hour Specials and Discounts in Scottsdale

The Canal Club, located inside The Scott Resort and Spa, is a magnificent Cuban-inspired hotel in Scottsdale. Old town Scottsdale is a great place to explore, with blue skies, mountain views, bike trails, amazing shopping and restaurants. Diego Pops is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale, known for its creative twist on classic favorites in a relaxed setting. Inspired by the Hamptons, Beverly on Main is an American restaurant that offers live music, outdoor seating and a great atmosphere. If you're looking for a great way to enjoy the great weather and familiarize yourself with Scottsdale's world-class dining scene at an affordable price, then visiting one of Scottsdale's best happy hour spots is the way to go.

We went there for happy hour drinks and food based on the “10 best Happy Hour spots in Old Town Scottsdale for stellar drinks, & bites” from “Dani the Explorer”. Enjoy discounts on cocktails, beer, white crackers and wine while eating some of your favorite dishes, such as truffle fries, pretzels with mustard and honey and Main Street Buffalo Wings. The environment at Beverly on Main has a way of making you feel like you're in a very special place, so this is one of the best happy hours in Old Town Scottsdale. The following restaurants and bars in Scottsdale, Arizona have an excellent happy hour menu filled with exclusive discounted cocktails, delicious snacks, and cheap draft beer and house wine. Fat Ox is located on North Scottsdale Road, in McCormick Ranch, for those who want to stay away from old Scottsdale. During the “Social Hour of Good Citizens” at this favorite place in the old town, you'll enjoy discounts on special cocktails, wines by the glass and draft beer, as well as a menu of innovative bar snacks, such as popcorn with bacon fat and its famous beer fondue.

They have a few locations across the valley with their own unique menus, but the McCormick Ranch location is the most centrally located in Scottsdale. Overall, Old Town Scottsdale's happy hour includes a mix of Italian love, picturesque rooftops, Caribbean ambience, and much more. When it comes to affordable snacks and beverages, Scottsdale restaurants offer an extensive menu of happy hour specials that you're sure to like. So if you're looking for a great way to enjoy the great weather while familiarizing yourself with Scottsdale's world-class dining scene at an affordable price then visiting one of these happy hour spots is definitely the way to go.