Do Scottsdale Restaurants and Bars Offer Outdoor Seating Areas?

With more than 330 days of sunshine, Scottsdale is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor dining. From Tapas Papa Frita to Barrio Queen, there are plenty of restaurants and bars that offer outdoor seating areas. Whether you're looking for a cozy patio with a view or a lively outdoor lounge, Scottsdale has something for everyone. At Tapas Papa Frita, you can enjoy a variety of tapas dishes, from dates wrapped in apple bacon to roasted potatoes with coriander aioli.

The menu also offers five types of soup, seven types of paella and several main courses. Barrio Queen offers authentic Mexican dishes on an open and comfortable patio. Iron fences and green plants provide a little privacy for diners. The House Brasserie provides a French countryside atmosphere with its tented patio, candles and trees.

Relax under the shade of Scottsdale's oldest pine tree while enjoying world-inspired food made with local ingredients. For a more casual experience, visit Brat Haus for the best brats in town. The restaurant's large patio has brick paving and a covered lawn area with comfortable picnic benches. AZ88 is another great option for outdoor dining.

The restaurant's patio overlooks the Civic Center Plaza and is illuminated at night by 44-foot-long fiberglass canoes. Inside, you'll find works of art that change every few months. AZ88 also offers 16 martinis and 16 other cocktails, as well as wine options. The award-winning Café Monarch is renowned for its five-star service, multi-course tasting menus and landscaped patio.

When it gets colder in the winter months, most restaurants have outdoor stoves and blankets for a cozy dining experience. If you're buying a home on a golf course in Scottsdale, you can enjoy spectacular outdoor dining experiences at places like The Scottsdale Waterfront's Mediterranean-influenced restaurant or ADERO's dream sunset views. No matter what type of outdoor dining experience you're looking for, Scottsdale has something for everyone. From classic dishes to exclusive cocktails, there are plenty of restaurants and bars that offer outdoor seating areas.